Why You Should Consider Tile Shingles

Tile shingles are amongst the most popular and oldest forms of roofing materials available in the twenty-first century, for many property owners a classic roof design with tile shingles is more aesthetically pleasing than any other form of roof materials. For most homeowners, the decision to install tile shingles is a simple one because this material offers a large number of benefits when compared to other roofing materials, which include environmental and price factors. With the lowest cost for a life cycle when compared to any other roofing material and a reduction in utility bills for heating and cooling a property the benefits of tile shingles are easy to spot.

Tile Shingles are Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the most important factors for property owners looking into which roofing material to use for their home or business is how the finished roof will look. Concrete and clay tile shingles are amongst the most aesthetically pleasing and stylistically diverse roofing materials in the world. The majority of architectural styles are included in the tile shingles created around the world each year, with almost every style of home able to be matched to a style or color of tile shingles. Not only are tile shingles constructed in the traditional barrel style, but they can also be produced to mimic the other styles of wood and slate that can be more expensive to purchase.

Environmentally Friendly

Alongside the aesthetic reasons for purchasing tile shingles, one of the major reasons for buying this roofing product is to preserve the natural resources of the planet. With no chemicals added during the production of tile shingles to increase the lifespan of the product, they are amongst the most environmentally friendly available. When the long lifespan of tile shingles is added to the sustainability features of the product, tile shingles become an even more exciting roofing material for those hoping to build and maintain a property in an environmentally responsible way.

Tile shingles are amongst the most impressive when it comes to saving money on utility bills for those installing these products. With the natural movement of air into the building envelope, a natural air barrier is created that helps to keep a building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This means tile shingles can save a large amount of money in the cost of bills over the course of a year. Tile shingles also allow more of the powerful rays of the Sun to be reflected, rather than absorbed into the roofing material, and raise temperatures in the summer. Some estimates place the amount of reflectivity at around 70 percent greater than that offered by asphalt shingles.

Amongst the major issues affecting the quality of roofing material is the ability of the material to retain its integrity under the difficult conditions offered by a storm or major natural disaster. Tile shingles are regularly tested and awarded high ratings in terms of resistance to hail and are also rated highly in seismic events.